the PROBA-V instrument ESA is currently preparing the launch of the Sentinel-3 satellites, of which the first one (Sentinel-3A) is foreseen for September 29tn, 2015. The Sentinel missions are developed for the operational needs in land, ocean, and atmospheric monitoring within the European Copernicus programme. However, between the end-of-life of SPOT-VGT and the launch of the Sentinel-3 satellites, a rather large time gap of about 3 years would occur, which would imply a discontinuation of the vegetation monitoring time series. In order to preserve this observational continuity, Belgium decided to build a small satellite mission based on the successful ESA PROBA expertise (link is external), using state-of-the-art-technology. PROBA-V (with "V" standing for Vegetation) was designed by a full Belgian consortium, fulfills all of the vegetation users specifications and is complement to the Sentinel-3 satellites to be launched after PROBA-V. PROBA-V has a constellation of 3 cameras that daily observe the land surface and vegetation at similar spectral wavelengths (BLUE, RED, NIR, and SWIR) as SPOT-VGT, but with an improved spatial resolution (300 m and 100 m for the centre camera). These observations are processed into daily and 10-daily syntheses products, available at 100 m, 300 m, and 1 km. The products can be downloaded from www.vito-eodata.be (link is external).